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Sunset Cruise Kauai- Capt. Andy's Poipu Sunset Sail

This week we'd like to share with you a sunset cruise Kauai style. Capt. Andy's Poipu Sunset Sail is a 2hr sail that starts from Kukuiula Boat Harbor. As we started our evening out on the South Shore, we arrived with plenty of time before our Sunset Sail with Capt. Andy’s Crew to enjoy a nice walk thru Kukuiula Shopping Center and sat down in the afternoon sun to have a Margarita, Queso Fresco Fritters (“cheese balls” is the way our waitress described them, “so bad for you but, oh so good”) and Huarache at Tortilla Republic, a Bar and Grill. Not to mention my hydration margarita made with coconut water that took the edge off for my worries about sailing again on the ocean.  My last experience in the winter was memories of rough seas of the Napali.

  As we headed to the Kukuiula Harbor to board the Spirit of Aloha with Capt. Andy’s reputable crew, there was nothing but black clouds for miles in sight.  I spotted a vessel in the horizon that seemed to be rocking back and forth, roughing it through the waves to get to the harbor.  The sky opened and it began to pour. Not exactly the Kauai sailing I first pictured the evening to be but before you get too concerned, it does get better.

  Thankfully, like most cases during summer a small rain comes by and clears away fairly quickly.  Before we could board this barefoot tour the clouds passed along with my worries about what type of experience this might be.  Our group boarded with the assistance of the crew and one of the guides prepped us on what to expect, where the restrooms were and some other important things to know and then we were off!

  As we set sail, we ventured to the front of the boat to enjoy the clear view and the wind blowing in my hair.  Aboard the Spirit of Aloha was a gentleman playing the guitar and singing.  He said it’s not his usual gig but he fit right in and we had a great time listening to his “feel good island music.”  The sail included light appetizers prepared by Gaylord’s Restaurant on the Kilohana Plantation in Lihue.  As we call appetizers here in Hawaii “pupus,” they included “Buffalo” chicken wings with dip, vegetable crudités, spinach dip, pretzels and fresh tropical fruit.  They had beer, wine, sneaky tikis and soft drinks.

  The crew was extremely hospitable throughout the entire experience.  They catered to each group on board.  One of the guides sat down with a family of 6 and chatted with the parents and 4 kids.  She even offered to bring them a large platter to share so they didn’t have to get up and have the kids attempt to make plates for themselves.  They walked around and took photos of everyone.  Even after multiple requests to take different poses of myself and husband since it was our anniversary, the answer was still “sure” with a smile.

  All of this aside, the ride was very smooth even after the rain earlier in the evening.  There was enough wind to allow for some sailing along the South Shore.  The highlight of the evening was the sun setting along the horizon.  What a beautiful and romantic sight to see with the sun’s reflection beaming off the ocean for what seemed like miles and miles.  This was the picture I had in mind when I thought of Kauai sailing. It was a perfect way to wind down our evening on our anniversary.  This is one sunset cruise Kauai has to offer that is great for newlyweds, honeymooners, families and anyone who would like to try to experience sailing on the ocean.  This two hour experience allows you to just get your feet a little wet with the experience of sailing on the ocean.  This Poipu Sunset Sail is certainly a great way to experience Kauai’s sunset up close and personal. 

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